Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Key Topics

Key Topic Element


Figure 1-2

Basic VLAN concept


Reasons for using VLANs

Figure 1-5

Diagram of VLAN trunking

Figure 1-6

802.1Q header

Figure 1-9

Routing between VLANs with router-on-a-stick

Figure 1-10

Routing between VLANs with Layer 3 switch

Table 1-2

Options of the switchport mode command

Table 1-3

Expected trunking results based on the configuration of the switchport mode command


Definitions of data VLAN and voice VLAN.


Summary of data and voice VLAN concepts, configuration, and verification.

Configuration Checklist - Configure a New VLAN and Access Interface

Configuration Checklist - Configure the Voice and Data VLAN on Ports Connected to Phones

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